How to Troubleshoot and Reset Your Network in Windows 10

How to Troubleshoot and Reset Your Network in Windows 10

Windows 10 made several small changes during its Anniversary Update, not the least of which being the inclusion of a Network Status page, allowing the user to check on the current network connection’s status.

This new Windows 10 feature provides an easy way to determine and troubleshoot network issues that may have alluded many PC users in the past.

Note: Before doing anything, a user should be sure to confirm that the issue is not due to a problem with their cable modem or Internet service provider.

To access this feature, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status. This Network Status page allows a user to do more than just get an update on how well your network is connected--there are two tools included to facilitate the repair. The first of which, a Troubleshoot button, diverts the user to the Windows Network Diagnostic utility. Taking this action will enable a user to run a brief string of tests to resolve typical network issues.

If that doesn’t work, a user will find a Network Reset button at the bottom of the Settings page. This will result in a complete wipe of any and all network settings on the machine, allowing the user to start over from the beginning.

Of course, if you’re subscribed to Network Management, Inc.’s services, you shouldn’t have to do anything more than reach out to us. We are more than happy to resolve issues like this for you--assuming that we didn’t prevent them from happening at all.

Call us at (703) 848-9000 if fully managed IT services sound like an intriguing addition to your business’ assets. In the meantime, keep reading our blog for solutions for advice regarding the technologies that power the businesses of today.

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Tuesday, January 21 2020

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